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The Panoramic

Apartments and Mixed Use Building

Wink newly envisioned lounge chair
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Introducing Wink!

Newly envisioned lounge chair

Veterans Affairs Roseburg Healthcare System
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Veterans Affairs

Roseburg Healthcare System

RockSmart a new way to rock
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Introducing RockSmart

A new way to rock!

Missouri State University Gallery
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Missouri State University

Student Union

Harmony Series form functiona and durability lounge series
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The New Harmony Series

Combining form, function and durability

Northcoast Behavioral Healthcare Gallery
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Behavioral Healthcare


Norix Furniture

Norix high quality, durable commercial furniture is specially designed for challenging environments.  Norix products go beyond institutional furniture, integrating contemporary design and color with robust structural integrity.

Norix offers the most complete line of correctional furniture, for use throughout the facility.  With over 25 years experience in providing secure furniture for prisons and jails, Norix is a trusted resource for every corrections application. Norix also offers a vast array of behavioral health furniture. Our specially designed hospital furniture is engineered to provide safety, security and extreme durability.  Commercial furniture solutions include public seating, transportation furniture, employee dining furniture and furniture for camps and parks

Norix higher education furniture includes quality dorm furniture and furniture for student unions. Our public safety furniture for fire stations and police station furniture are designed for true 24/7 use. Our hard-use shelter furniture is designed to withstand the rigors of transitional housing. Norix also provides gsa furniture – specialized military furniture for barracks on GSA contract – as well as furniture for use throughout the base.

Norix intensive-use furniture is extraordinary by design, surpassing industry standards for strength, safety and long term performance.


"Durable high quality products with hands down the best customer service."
-Detroit Behavioral Institute

"Great products. We have used their products in many of our facilities, with no replacements needed after install."
-Wernle Youth & Family Treatment Center

"We have been extremely impressed with the quality and durabilitity of the Norix "Toughcare" line."
-Sarah DiGioia-Kilmer Center

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