Behavioral Healthcare,
Mental Health, Substance Abuse
Corrections, Police,
Student Union,
Residence Hall
Military, ICE,
Job Corp, BOP
Transitional Housing
Shelters, Missions,
Group Homes
Fire Station, Camps,

The Naturals Color Palette

Spirited, youthful and enthusiastic. Canyon is an approachable persimmon color that evokes radiant sunsets and harvest moons. When added to a palette, as a pop or a primary, Canyon will bring forth thoughtful expression.

River Rock
Alleviating, timeless and quiet. The color of stone, rock and alloy. River Rock allows other colors and materials to be showcased to their fullest.

Wild Berry
Velvety, lush and assured. Wild Berry is the color of farm-to-table ripened berries, produce and fermented grapes. It’s a time-honored color designating prosperity and abundance. Behaving as a hue or a neutral, soft spoken but unyielding. This color partners with all others to provide added interest.

Soothing, tranquil and contemplative. The color of sapphire, blue birds an fresh water. Lagoon is easily used in high quantities, but will never compete with other materials and color.

Gleeful, lively and vital. Meadow is the color of spring gardens, grasshoppers and wildflower fields. Sprightly, uplifting and harmonious. It's the essence of nature. Meadow is expressive but never overpowering and is an ideal complement to every color.

Proud, approachable and expansive. Graphite is a confident neutral. The color of pewter, metamorphic rock, and treasured land and sea fauna. Graphite is a staple with an earnest voice.

Welcoming, warm and classic. Mojave is a sunlit neutral with panache. A blithe camel with authenticity, this heritage color echoes America's deserts, farmlands and shimmering beaches.

Sea Spray
Breezy and refreshing. Sea Spray takes us to the Caribbean, far away island waters, summer pool parties and sun-kissed dew drops. With just a hint of mint, it's cooling and calming. A perfect partner for all palettes.

Pine Cone
Rich, familiar and grounding. The color of terra firma, soil and the earth. Pine Cone behaves as a foundationa neutral, easily partnered with other color options.

Deep, classic, and proud. The color of charcoal, lava, and midnight. Raven is a timeless stabile that grounds.


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    > White Paper: The Role of Color in Humanizing Behavioral Healthcare Facilities
    > White Paper: The Role of Color in Humanizing Correctional Facilities

The Naturals Color Collection was created specifically for Norix by Tara Hill of LittleFISH Think Tank, a creative solutions company specializing in product design, color theory, and brand identity. Ms. Hill is a design consultant recognized for her work in the use of color to create normalized environments that support positive outcomes.

Ms. Hill also has significant experience regarding the science and theory of color as both a design tool and as a promoter of healing. She is very knowledgeable in evidence-based research findings and how nature and color play an active role in our physical and emotional well being by positively impacting the human spirit.

"Color is intrinsic in our everyday lives. We perceive color's presence in our environment, and respond positively. Color is a very cost effective design tool to dramatically improve the environment at nominal cost." - Tara Hill