Behavioral Healthcare,
Mental Health, Substance Abuse
Corrections, Police,
Student Union,
Residence Hall
Military, ICE,
Job Corp, BOP
Transitional Housing
Shelters, Missions,
Group Homes
Fire Station, Camps,

Literature & Specifications


Integra Armless Chair  -  Standard
Hondo  -  Standard
Toughcare® Series  -  Standard
CommandMaster® Chairs  -  Standard
Progress® Chair  -  Standard
Boulder™ Beam Seating  -  Standard
Gibraltar™ Beam Seating  -  Standard
Sierra Series  -  Standard
Forté Guest Chair  -  Standard
Forté Lounge Chair  -  Standard
Forté Occasional Tables  -  Standard
Forté Café Table  -  Standard
Hondo Nuevo Series  -  Standard
Harmony Lounge Arm Chair  -  Standard
Harmony Bench  -  Standard
Harmony Loveseat  -  Standard
Harmony Sofa  -  Standard
Wink Lounge Chair  -  Standard
RockSmart  -  Standard
Spooley  -  Standard


Max-Master Table®  -  Standard
Econo-Max® Table  -  Standard
CorrecTable® Folding Table  -  Standard
Jupiter Table  -  Standard
X-Base Table  -  Standard
Leg Style Table  -  Standard
Multi-Purpose Table  -  Standard
Oasis™ Series Cafeteria Table  -  Standard
Mader™ Tables  -  Standard
Harmony Tables  -  Standard

Case Goods/Dorm Room - Attenda® Series

Attenda® Storage -  Standard
Attenda® Open Chests  -  Standard
Attenda® Stool  -  Standard
Attenda® Desk  -  Standard
Attenda® Sleigh Bed  -  Standard
Attenda® Floor Mount Beds  -  Standard
Attenda® Riser  -  Standard
Attenda® Headboard  -  Standard
Attenda® Restraint Rings  -  Standard
Attenda® Nightstands  -  Standard
Attenda® Wardrobe  -  Standard

Case Goods/Dorm Room - Titan® Series

Titan® Panel Base Beds -  Standard
Titan® Family Bed  -  Standard
Titan® Lift Deck Bed -  Standard
Titan® Bunkable Frame Style Bed & Bunks (Steel Deck)  -  Standard
Titan® Bunkable Spring Deck Bed & Bunks  -  Standard
Titan® Loft Beds -  Standard
Titan® Drawer Locker  -  Standard
Titan® Nightstands  -  Standard
Titan® Chests  -  Standard
Titan® Desk  -  Standard
Titan® Pedestal Deck  -  Standard
Titan® Desk Carrel & Light  -  Standard
Titan® Wardrobes  -  Standard

Case Goods/Dorm Room - Safehouse™ Series

Safehouse™ Platform Bed -  Standard
Safehouse™ Captains Bed with 2 Cubbies -  Standard
Safehouse™ Headboard  -  Standard
Safehouse™ Restraint Kit  -  Standard
Safehouse™ Bottom Closure Panel Kit -  Standard
Safehouse™ 2 Shelf Chest  -  Standard
Safehouse™ 3 Shelf Chest  -  Standard
Safehouse™ Nightstand  -  Standard
Safehouse™ Writing Desk -  Standard
Safehouse™ Single Wardrobe -  Standard
Safehouse™ Double Wardrobe  -  Standard
Safehouse™ Divided Double Open Wardrobe  -  Standard
Sled Based Armless Chair  -  Standard
Sled Based Arm Chair  -  Standard

Case Goods/Dorm Room - Protégé™ Series

Protégé™ NextGen Series -  Standard

Comfort Shield® Series

Sealed Seam Mattress - Custody
Comfort Shield® Custody  -  Standard

Sealed Seam Mattress - Remedy
Comfort Shield® Remedy  -  Standard

Selaed Seam Pillow - Remedy
Comfort Shield® Remedy -
Norix Blue Sealed Seam Pillow -  Standard

Comfort Shield® Remedy -
Silver Secure Sealed Seam Pillow -  Standard

Limited Manufacturers Warranty
Comfort Shield® LIMITED Manufacturers Warranty Norix Comfort Shield® Custody & Remedy Sealed Seam Mattress -  Standard

Sewn Seam Mattress
Comfort Shield®  -  Standard

Detention Furniture

Property Storage  -  Standard
Ironman® Steel Bunks  -  Standard
Stack-A-Bunk®  -  Standard
Bench With Cuff Rings -  Standard
Ironman® Dayroom Podium Desk  -  Standard
Cell Desks  -  Standard

Detention Accessories

Detention Accessories -  Standard

Washroom Accessories

Washroom Accessories  -  Standard

DuraVision™ Mirrors

DuraVision™ Mirror System  -  Standard

InteleStation® Visitation Furniture

Laminate Cabinet -  Standard
Stainless Steel Cabinet -  Standard

Wall Mount  -  Standard
Wall Mount With Seats  -  Standard

PhoneStation  -  Standard