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Norix History

Norix was founded in 1983 in Batavia, IL. The original Norix product was an injection-molded stack chair marketed to correctional facilities in North America. Norix initial development coincided with the shift in facility design and operation to support “Direct Supervision” methodology in correctional facilities. During the 1990’s, Norix broadened its product offering with other products for Correctional facilities, including steel and laminate tables and rotationally molded lounge seating for dayrooms. In 1993, Norix moved West Chicago, IL and is still headquartered there today. More recently, Norix has further expanded its product line to include patented Attenda® Rotationally Molded patient room furniture for Behavioral Healthcare facilities. Norix has successfully transitioned from a company focused solely on the Corrections market to a multi-faceted marketer to Healthcare, GSA Military, Shelter and Commercial segments. The associates at Norix pride themselves on our ability to identify the customer needs in the marketplace, and address those needs through the research and development of innovative products that are “Engineered to Endure.”