5 Factors in Choosing Dining Furniture

Dining area objectives should be simple; to provide a clean and comfortable space for employees, visitors, or populations within a facility. The goal is to provide seating and surfaces that are, above all, practical.  

Here are five factors to consider when choosing dining furniture for your facility. 

  1.  Practicality means durability. Dining furniture is arguably the most abused furniture in a facility. It must endure daily use, staining liquids and foods, harsh cleaning agents, and constant movement. Having durable goods designed for abuse is the first requirement when selecting dining furniture.

    Dining Area Featuring Forte Seating and Tables

  2. Consider your cleaning requirements when selecting dining furniture. Facilities may require frequent cleaning and sanitization that surfaces must be able to endure to ensure longevity.

    Dining Area Featuring Oasis Cafeteria Tables and Seating

  3. Look for safety features for intensive use environments. Manipulation of furniture can create contraband, and the furniture itself can be a weapon. Look to characteristics such as molded-in edge banding, ganging, and ballasting to ensure a safe dining area in your facility. 

    Dining Area Featuring Vesta Seating and Forte Tables

  4. Flexibility is critical to rapidly changing dining environments. Modular dining furniture is essential in multi-use areas where needs are continually shifting.

    Dining Area Featuring Integra Stackable Chairs

  5. Don’t ignore aesthetics. Despite your specific needs, you should always seek to create an attractive environment. Even heavy-use, durable goods can contribute to a pleasing dining experience. 

    Dining Area Featuring Affinity Seating

Take inventory of your specific needs in a dining environment, and contact your Norix sales representative for furniture recommendations.

Norix Dining Guide (PDF)


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