Norix History

The Story Behind Our Success

Norix originated in 1983 as a correctional furniture manufacturer. Our very first product, an injection-molded stack chair, was marketed to North American correctional facilities. The concept came as a shift in facility design and operations was initiated to support “Direct Supervision”. With an innovative product design at an opportunistic time, Norix had immediate success that opened doors to new product offerings. Steel and laminate tables and rotationally-molded lounge dayroom seating were soon introduced to this market.

Through visionary, solution-based engineering with a mastery of extreme durability, Norix was able to quickly expand into other market segments.  Our first product expansion was molded patient room furniture for behavioral healthcare facilities that provided the same safety, security, and extreme durability that we were known to deliver.

Today, Norix has successfully transitioned from a company focused solely on the justice market to a multi-faceted provider to healthcare, GSA military, shelter, education and commercial segments. With over 30 years of dedicated experience, Norix has become an expert in the markets we serve. We have studied each industry inside and out to clearly understand the challenges and needs. Our product solutions are then reflective of all our market specializations, innovative nature, and manufacturing expertise.