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Corrections Security Mirrors

Norix DuraVision™ convex prison mirrors are the most secure corrections safety mirrors available.  Specifically designed for critical environments, these corrections security mirrors alert staff to potential trouble in blind areas.  DuraVision™ features extremely durable polycarbonate face with silver reflective coating, secured by a fully welded steel frame, making it a virtually unbreakable detention mirror.  The jail ceiling mirror most preferred by security chiefs, DuraVision™ also makes an ideal segregation room mirror.

Behind the Reflection

Most convex mirrors you see in commercial establishments and at intersections are made from acrylic. When tested to withstand impact, they’ll be the first to break into knife-like shards. Our polycarbonate mirrors, with pure reflective coatings, are premium 3mm grade with a tensile strength of 9,400 psi. To further enhance the strength, we completely fill the cavity behind the mirror with high-density water blown urethane foam to limit the compression distance, thus eliminating the possibility of breakage from a severe blow. To make sure they stay in place, the DuraVision mirror perimeter is fully enclosed in a heavy duty powder coated steel frame that sits flush with the wall and ceiling and features countersunk screw holes to receive tamper-resistant fasteners.

Eliminating Blind Spots

DuraVision mirrors were designed to ensure the safety of facility, staff, inmates and patients. When used in cells and other critical locations, DuraVision mirrors permit staff the opportunity to observe blind corners and intersections without putting themselves or others in harms way.

Filling a Niche

Once you identify the blind spot, it’s a simple matter of selecting the DuraVision mirror best suited to the task. The half dome mirror is usually the right choice for isolation rooms or cells in order to observe blind corners to the right or left of the entry door. The 360° visibility of a full dome can be used effectively in open areas or at four way intersections or as a reflector with CCTV equipment. You’ll find the quarter dome efficient and appropriate for corners and L intersections. We even offer a shallow profile wall-mount mirror for those areas where mounting against the ceiling doesn’t make sense.

Corrections Security Mirrors