It’s Spring and Time to Clean Your Facility’s Furniture Products

Yes, it’s spring time once again, and we all know what that means: Spring cleaning. Sure, during this time of year most of us clean under the couch and remove all the smudges from the windows in our homes.

Furniture ProductsBut healthcare facilities, shelters, correctional environments and commercial spaces should also take the time to thoroughly clean their constant-use furniture. Why is it important that these facilities make this effort?

Extends Furniture Life – This is a big one. Letting your product go year after year without a good scrub can ruin the look of your furniture. Colors become … well … discolored, grime builds up in crevices and the product will lose the residential appeal that is so important in the type of facilities we mentioned above.

Infection Control – This is a challenge for facilities that have to combat bodily fluids, especially healthcare facilities. Shelter environments aren’t exempt either, since some of their residents may be in a state of transition and spent time living on the streets. Giving the mattresses, chairs and beds in these facilities a thorough cleaning will keep everyone who uses them safe and secure.

Better Environment – This is an obvious one, but one we will touch on regardless. Correctional facilities, behavioral healthcare facilities and shelter environments often house those who may be experiencing mental illness. Therefore, keeping your furniture clean, colorful and as residential as possible lends a hand in normalizing these constant-use environments.

Saves You Money – Good furniture that lasts a long time is an investment. So cleaning and taking care of your furniture allows the product to perform the way it is intended, and prevents you from having to purchase it again just after a couple years of use.

A Norix customer sent in this photo of a Hondo Nuevo® chair after it had been half cleaned using our 1-2-3 Care System for Molded Furniture.

A Norix customer sent in this photo of a Hondo Nuevo® chair after it had been half cleaned using our 1-2-3 Care System for Molded Furniture.

While Norix now provides cleaners for multiple surface types, the signature product is the 1-2-3 Care System for Molded Furniture. This three-stage cleaning system includes a trio of 32-ounce ready-to-use spray bottles – the Cleaner, Rejuvenator and Protectant – plus a unique applicator for each. This cleaning system – which is specially formulated to work with Norix’s unique line of special products – protects your furniture by using the following products in this order:

Step 1: The Cleaner is an immediate care product that removes bodily fluids, oils and surface dirt.

Step 2: The Rejuvenator is a next-level restorative cleaner that removes stains and deeply embedded grime.

Step 3: The Protectant conditions the surface and forms a protective barrier against the damaging effects of dirt and fluids.

When used routinely, properly and in this order, the 1-2-3 Care System for Molded Furniture can extend the life of products. Watch how to properly use the system in the embedded video above.

Additionally, Norix now provides an assortment of other cleaners, including:

• Wood Cleaner & Polish: Cleans and protects natural wood and laminates in one easy application.

• Stainless Steel Cleaner: Cleans any metal surface, including powder-coated steel.

• Fabric Cleaner: Cleaner and stain remover for institutional-grade upholstered fabric.

• Glass & Mirror Cleaner: Cleans polycarbonate mirrors and security glazing to restore image clarity.

• Bio Enzyme Mattress Cleaner: Cleans and deodorizes Norix Comfort Shield Mattresses.

Visit our Cleaning Products website for specification pages and material safety data sheets for each of these products.


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