The High Brights Color Palette






Norix Furniture’s new High Brights color palette is available in the Hondo Nuevo® and Forté™ series of furniture and includes four lively colors – Lime, Mango, Orchid, Reef – that help facilities humanize environments that have historically been considered institutional.

About the Color

The palette strays from the unexciting neutral and monochromatic colors that have often been found inside institutional environments. The colors include poppy shades of green, light blue, orange and lavender and can be matched to the personality of the region where facilities are located.

Hondo Nuevo® Series

The Hondo Nuevo® series combines modern design, ergonomically correct style and comfortable lumbar support with a beautiful, thick vinyl skin and 3 lb. density polyurethane foam filling. This unique combination of superior durability, comfort and style is available in several seat, bench and wedge options to create flexible modular seating arrangements. Molded exterior skin tops are attached with tamper resistant fasteners to your choice of molded plinth, steel, molded wood grain leg or genuine wood leg base options.

The High Brights Color Collection was created specifically for Norix by Tara Hill of LittleFISH Think Tank, a creative solutions company specializing in product design, color theory, and brand identity. Ms. Hill is a design consultant recognized for her work in the use of color to create normalized environments that support positive outcomes.

Ms. Hill also has significant experience regarding the science and theory of color as both a design tool and as a promoter of healing. She is very knowledgeable in evidence-based research findings and how nature and color play an active role in our physical and emotional well being by positively impacting the human spirit.

“Color is intrinsic in our everyday lives. We perceive color’s presence in our environment, and respond positively. Color is a very cost effective design tool to dramatically improve the environment at nominal cost.” – Tara Hill