New Line of Norix Cleaning Products Extends the Life of Your Furniture

Norix Cleaning ProductsFor more than 30 years, Norix has provided highly durable and aesthetically pleasing furniture for a wide range of challenging environments. Now it is providing customers the tools to keep furniture clean and sanitary, ensuring it remains an effective product in your facility for years to come.

While Norix now provides cleaners for multiple surface types, the signature product of this new line is the 1-2-3 Care System for Molded Furniture. This three-stage cleaning system includes a trio of 32-ounce ready-to-use spray bottles – the Cleaner, Rejuvenator and Protectant – plus a unique applicator for each. This cleaning system – which is specially formulated to work with Norix’s unique line of special products – protects your furniture by using the following products in this order:

Step 1: The Cleaner is an immediate care product that removes bodily fluids, oils and surface dirt.

Step 2: The Rejuvenator is a next-level restorative cleaner that removes inks, stains and deeply embedded grime.

Step 3: The Protectant conditions the surface and forms a protective barrier against the damaging effects of dirt and fluids.

When used routinely, properly and in this order, the 1-2-3 Care System for Molded Furniture can extend the life of products. Watch how to properly use the system in the embedded video above.

Additionally, Norix now provides an assortment of other cleaners, including:

Wood Cleaner & Polish: Cleans and protects natural wood and laminates in one easy application.

Stainless Steel Cleaner: Cleans any metal surface, including powder-coated steel.

Fabric Cleaner: Cleaner and stain remover for institutional-grade upholstered fabric.

Glass & Mirror Cleaner: Cleans polycarbonate mirrors and security glazing to restore image clarity.

Bio Enzyme Mattress Cleaner: Cleans and deodorizes Norix Comfort Shield Mattresses.

Visit our Cleaning Products website for specification pages and material safety data sheets for each of these products.

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