Norix Set to Release 4 New “Cutting Edge” Products Unlike Any Others on the Market

monday-blog-0111-photoWow, next week is going to be a doozy here at Norix. On Monday, we will be unleashing not one. Not two. Not three. But four new products with aesthetically pleasing designs, extreme durability, options galore and, well, some downright imaginative concepts to boot.

“The facilities we serve are always looking for new products to solve the problems that they most often find in their environments,” Brad Karl, Norix Director of Innovation, said. “Norix has made a commitment to invest time, energy, resources and money into developing cutting edge products that help these facilities better manage their efforts and finances. These new launches are an example of that commitment.”

Norix has done well in recent years with its new product launches. The Forté Lounge Series provided seating and table options for facilities needing highly durable, yet aesthetically pleasing furniture for their spaces, while the Hondo Nuevo Series gave these environments those same characteristics, but in a softer material and with bench and wedge options for modular seating arrangements. And let’s not forget Comfort Shield Sealed Seam Mattresses, which are radio-frequency sealed, making them highly durable, and bed bug and fluid resistant.

But these new launches are a little different.

“We are proud of all our products and will continue to make all of them with the same quality and care that we have in the past,” Karl said. “But these new products are very different. In some ways the difference is very obvious and on the surface. You can just look at the product and see how innovative it is. But one of the products we are launching is different in another way. People will be blown away once they learn how it was made and what material was used for its internal construction. It’s going to exciting to hear the feedback.”

The names of the four products are … well, we can’t say that just yet. In fact, we can’t say anymore at all at this point. All we can do is encourage you to visit next Monday for photos, videos, spec pages and in-depth product information on these new and innovative products. We think you will go away saying, “Norix is on the move.”



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