Tabla is a laminated table solution that can add residential touches to lobbies, common areas and any other space that requires aesthetically pleasing and highly durable furniture products. Available in two different sizes, facilities can choose from eight different laminates that can humanize environments that may otherwise be institutional in nature. Tabla’s Basic Version features laminates that cover the circumference and top of this highly versatile product. The Premium Version is produced with the same design attributes, but also features a molded plinth base which protects the product from foot traffic, mops and brooms. Additionally, the Premium Version has a permanently affixed molded edged laminate on top that creates a rounded perimeter around the table for extra safety and durability. Both versions can be ballasted to reduce movement, equipped with floor glides and can be used in variety of applications in almost any environment.

Tabla, B-Side and Mix-Up Cross Sell Video

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