Video: Norix’s DuraVision™ Mirrors Win Durability Test Against Baseball Bat, 2.6 Ton Machine

We here at Norix Furniture believe the proof is in the proverbial pudding. We offer intensive-use commercial furniture and correctional products that we have tested and consider very durable. One of these products is our line of DuraVision™ Convex Mirrors (pictured above), a super strong and tamper-resistant solution that allows institutional facilities to observe blind spots and stop incidents before they happen. So just how durable is this product? It stood up to a man swinging an aluminum baseball bat, and withstood the weight of a 2.6 ton foe that you will have to see (in the video below) to believe.

Dustin Coleman is a brand journalist for Norix Furniture and a contributor to the Safe Environments blog.

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